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For decades, Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” program aired every weekday on the ABC Radio Network. Those short, 4-minute vignettes (written by his son, Paul Jr.) highlighted significant events, obscure trivia, celebrity secrets, and fascinating facts…true mysteries from history.

The show’s signature was surprise. The twists and revelations at the end of his stories were often amusing, frequently heartwarming, sometimes sobering, and always compelling. For listeners worldwide, “The Rest of the Story” was must-listen radio.

paul harvey photo2.jpg
paul harvey photo.jpg

Sadly, after his death in 2009, no replacement host could replicate the magic, and “The Rest of the Story” broadcast was quickly cancelled.


There are low-fidelity recordings scattered across the internet, but at present, there seems to be no complete, high-quality library of

this 33-year legacy.

As someone inspired by Paul’s gifts (if not his politics), I decided it was time to resurrect his specific brand of short-form storytelling.


Certainly, I’ve developed my own style and delivery, but the ghost of Paul Harvey is all over this endeavor. My podcast is both unique and homage, and as I’m convinced that the best stories are usually true stories, I hope it’s something everyone will enjoy. 

- Seth Andrews

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